Film and Photography Studio Rental 

$35/hour introductory offer. 

Call 602-524-3974 to schedule or with any questions.


We are a friendly, professional family owned and run studio. We are here to make your film or photography session a success!


We are located in North Phoenix near the I-17 and 303 exit. We are approximately 8 miles south of Anthem and approximately 12 miles north of the 101 and I-17 interchange. We are located in a gated, safe area. 

Our studio is 224 sq ft (approximately 14' x 16') with 9' ceilings! Lenses can be placed up to 28' from the back wall. Fully air conditioned! Studio room is acoustically treated! Full bathroom including shower, changing area. Fridge available to hold catering items. 


Your rental includes

10' wide Seamless Backdrop SUpport

Various colors seamless 107" wide (white, black, grey seamless)

Green Screen

Grey washed muslin backdrop

Full lighting and grip package included:

Various grip equipment  including C stands, flags, frames, sandbags, apple boxes, and more

Various lighting equipment including Lowel Prime LEDs, Fresnels, Bank Fluorescents, Ring Light with Softbox, Quasar T8 Bulbs  

Dana Dolly and 6' track (additional lengths on hand) are available to rent

Additional seamless colors can be ordered


Our full equipment list



1 Lowel Prime LED 800

2 Lowel Prime LED 200s

1 2’ 4 Bank Fluorescent

2 2’ 2 Bank Fluorescents

2 650W Fresnels

1 300W Fresnel

1 150 W Fresnel

1 F&V R-300 Ring Light w/ RS-1 Softbox

2 4’ Quasar T8 Bulbs

4 2’ Quasar T8 Bulbs





4 C-Stands with heads & arms

1 20” C-Stand with head & short arm

1 4’ x 4’ Frame

3 24” x 36” Flags

2 24” x 36” Frames

3 18” x 24” Flags

2 18” x 24” Frames

4 Dot Frames

12 Sandbags

2 Full Apple Boxes

2 Half Apple Boxes

4 Quarter Apple Boxers

2 Pancakes

2 Matthews BabySitt’rs

10 Wedges

8 Camera Wedges

4 Baby Plates

2 Duckbills

2 Slider Stands

2 Baby to Junior Adapters

1 Super Clamp

2 Snap-In baby pins


10’ Wide Seamless Backdrop Support


Seamless — 107” Wide



Smoke Gray

Gray Muslin Cloth

Green Screen Cloth

Additional available for purchase


Available to Rent


Dana Dolly

6’ Track

Additional track lengths available on request


Available to Purchase

Lee 216 Diffusion

Lee 250 Diffusion

Additional Expendables Available Upon Request


Certificate of Insurance must be provided upon rental


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